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Blue Sky Coatings is a well-known painting company that is renowned for its quality of work and timely delivery of excellence with all kinds of painting jobs. We have a thorough experience of handling all kinds of jobs, large scale and small scale with much proficiency. We maintain the standards of quality at everything we do including polishing, wallpaper pasting, house-painting, and various other work in South Yarra. With experience of over 10 years, we are well known as quality painters across the area and have delivered excellence and timely work for various painting jobs across the city.


We have passion to make beautiful spaces for our customers!

We’ve been in this industry for more than a decade, and we certainly take pride in what we do and the way we do it. For us, our customers are the priority, and that is the reason we always keep up with our customers’ satisfaction. If you are looking for an expert who can carry out a painting and plastering job for you, to save you time and energy for something you are good at, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Painting Services We Offer

Exterior House Painting
If you are looking to give your home a whole new look from its exterior, you are in the right place.Read More »
Interior House Painting
Whether it is your living room, your bedroom, or your kitchen, every room in a house deserves special attentionRead More »
Fence Painting
Fencing amps up the entire look of the property, be it on the boundary or in the garden.Read More »
If you are looking to make a smart switch from paint to wallpaper for the walls in your propertyRead More »
House Painting
We provide residential painting services, to give your newly bought house a look that you’ve always envisioned,Read More »
Paint Removal
We carry out the paint removal process on a property to get back its original look, which you may want to modifyRead More »
Commercial Painting
We provide commercial painting services in Melbourne and its suburbs, to get you rolling peacefullyRead More »
Floor Painting
Floors are one of those areas that are widely used in any property- be it commercial or residential.Read More »
Concrete Painting
Blue Sky Coatings offer concrete painting services, that include painting of concrete driveways and floors.Read More »

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House painting services in South Yarra are not just simply changing the colours of the walls around your house. It is essentially changing the entire look and feel of your property by mixing and matching the right spectrum of colours to bring in the desired effect that you’re looking for. We decide on different shade palettes for your home interiors and exteriors to create living spaces that are both warm and inviting while keeping the vibe of your house upbeat at all times. We change the colour palette as per the existing ambience of your space to renew the aesthetics in a way that brings a refreshing sense of grace to the same place you call home!


Exterior House Painting Melbourne


While many people think that professional painting services are an unnecessary extension of refurbishing your home, it’s actually the very canvas on which you place everything else. When you have tidy and beautiful-looking walls as your backdrop, anything you place against it looks absolutely stunning. They act as the perfect setup for every piece of furniture or thing you place in the house.

While getting your house painted may seem like a fairly easy job, it needs professional hands to be executed as it poses various risks. The process can take up lots of time with being hard to implement and dangerous tasks included. Experienced experts in South Yarra like Blue Sky Coatings make the process seem easy with just the right precision.


Looking for a Painter in South Yarra

Blue Sky Coatings is a renowned painting company based in the West of Melbourne, that is known to provide quality workmanship and excellent customer experience to Melbournians. With an experience of over 10 years, we have established ourselves as quality painters in and across the city and have successfully catered to hundreds of painting and decorating jobs. At Blue Sky Coatings, we boast credibility and customer satisfaction and leave no stone unturned to complete every job with efficiency. With safety being our foremost priority, our team is fully trained, insured and experienced for the job.

You can count on us for all your painting and decorating requirements, as we serve in and around Melbourne at competitive prices, whilst keeping our clients first. We provide a holistic solution to all your painting and decorating requirements, be it for a commercial, residential or industrial property.

interior house painters Melbourne

We use high-quality painting and decorating products, that provide a stunning finish and are long-lasting. As professionals in the field, we are aware of the minute details involved in an extensive painting job, hence, you don’t have to look any further for getting your requirements addressed. All you need to do is, contact us and let us know what you are looking for! We shall provide you with the best service, add on to your ideas, deliver excellent workmanship, and work according to your convenience.

Let’s paint your walls and fill your life with colors!

Commercial painting in South Yarra

If you’re looking for stress-free and cost-effective commercial painting solutions in South Yarra, it’s time to contact the experienced team at Blue Sky Coatings. We handle all your commercial painting needs. Our expert staff and certified painters specialise in all types of interior and exterior decorating, with no task too big nor too small. Commercial painting in South Yarra is about trusting the team who handles your every need.

Exterior House Painting South Yarra

If you are looking to give your home a whole new look from its exterior, you are in the right place. We would be happy to paint and create a look that you’ve been wanting for a long time. At Blue Sky Coatings, we are dedicated to delivering what you are after, by utilizing our years of experience in exterior house painting. We have always been accorded by our existing clients for the quality of work we do.
As a professional painting company in South Yarra, we make it a point to use only high-quality products from reputed brands to ensure.

Concrete Painting  South Yarra

Concrete is a prominent material that is featured in the vast majority of homes around South Yarra. Whether it’s simply that concrete driveway of yours, or a beautiful concrete wall feature in your backyard, you may want to invest in quality concrete painting. If you’ve been wanting to elevate your concrete features and bring some new life into your home, Blue Sky Coatings can assist you with concrete painting in South Yarra.

Fence Painting South Yarra

We specialise in all sorts of different fence types, including picket, pail, brick, steel and other metal fences. Whether you need a small section of your fence repainted, or need your whole fence line painted, Blue Sky Coatings are here to help with your each and every painting need. If you do begin to notice signs of wear or tear, or maybe just want to add some much needed colour to your fence, it’s important to enlist the help of professionals for fence painting in South Yarra. 

Floor Painting South Yarra

With our oil-based floor painting service in South Yarra, we offer you exceptional, long-lasting, durable wooden floor painting solutions. We use adequate scheduling management, transparent bidding processes and use only the most experienced crew of painters.
Our team of oil-based floor painting experts handles your project with precision, care, and delicacy. Our team works like a family that understands your requirements, and approaches your job with a problem-solving attitude, providing you with the best oil-based floor painting experience.

House Painting South Yarra

House painting in South Yarra isn’t just about changing the visual aesthetic of your property. It’s also about rejuvenating your living spaces, establishing a new colour palette and bringing a renewed sense of beauty to your home.
While some people tend to look at professional interior painting services as an unnecessary addition to the refurbishing process, the truth is that interior house painting can be challenging, time-consuming and potentially dangerous.

Blue Sky Coatings provides end-to-end Interior House Painting Services in South Yarra that help take the stress and hassle out of painting.

Interior House Painting South Yarra

We are open to all kinds of jobs, be it a makeover of an existing property or painting a new property from scratch. Whether it is your living room, your bedroom, or your kitchen, every room in a house deserves special attention. We shall help you decide the color scheme, texture, and give you the kind of interior walls you always desired to have.  We are known for being a reliable painting company in Melbourne that can be trusted for its quality, dedication, workmanship, and punctuality.

Paint Removal South Yarra

Blue Sky Coatings provides a range of paint removal services in South Yarra suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Specifically designed to strip off multiple layers at once, our wet-and-dry paint removal technology can remove any type of paint, making it an ideal solution for remediation and surface restoration projects.
We also remove paint from: Brick surfaces, Commercial properties, Vehicles, Swimming pools, Metal surfaces, Floor & Walls, Strip Paint Off Wood. We also provide expert assistance with removing paint spills and painted line marks.

Residential and Commercial Plasterers in South Yarra

Blue Sky Coatings offer plastering services of all kinds under the same roof. Our dust-free sanding makes sure no mess is created in recreating your walls. Our team has one of the most well-known plasterers in South Yarra who know how to do hard plaster repair work making sure the patchwork doesn’t look like one. For the most smooth and seamless finish, you can always put your trust in us. We also help you replace insulation that is worn out over time causing buildings to cool down or heat up faster adding to more maintenance costs.

Roof Painting South Yarra

Roof painting in South Yarra is something that can’t simply be done to a high standard by any individual. No matter the type of roof you may have, whether you need silver roof paint, or tin roof paint, Blue Sky Coatings can help to identify the most appropriate solution for your roof. We have acquired a wealth of experience over the past decade, helping clients with terracotta roofs, Colorbond roofs, tin roofs, and concrete tile roofs. By spending the time to understand your roofing needs, we can apply long lasting and durable results with every coat of paint.

Wallpaper Installation South Yarra

If you are looking to make a smart switch from paint to wallpaper for the walls in your property, you are surely making the right decision. A wallpaper adds an “x-factor” to a room, by making it look significantly different and allowing it to stand out from all the other walls.

Blue Sky Coatings is recommended by its existing clientele for efficient wallpaper installation in South Yarra, as it certainly needs an eye for detail.

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