Floor Painting Melbourne

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 Floor Painting Melbourne

Looking for the most durable floor painting service in Melbourne? Blue Sky Coatings is the name

With our oil-based floor painting service in Melbourne, we offer you exceptional, long-lasting, durable wooden floor painting solutions. We use adequate scheduling management, transparent bidding processes and use only the most experienced crew of painters. Blue Sky Coatings works in alignment with the integrity of the company values and considers staff selection as an essential part when it comes to roof painting in Melbourne.

Our team of oil-based floor painting experts handles your project with precision, care, and delicacy. Our team works like a family that understands your requirements, and approaches your job with a problem-solving attitude, providing you with the best oil-based floor painting experience.

Floor Painting Melbourne


Floor Painting Services in Melbourne

Blue Sky Coatings provides a comprehensive oil-based floor painting service in Melbourne, fully inclusive of materials, laying, and floor polishing.
You receive a comprehensive floor painting service, including floor sanding, polishing, lacquering, oil-based floor painting, wood floor painting, and services of roof painting in Melbourne. We also specialize in staining floorboards according to your home’s decor style.

We work on all types of floors:
● Wooden Floors
● Cork and Parquetry
● Floating floors
● Repairing the existing floors

Using the latest, modern technology of dustless sanding machines, we take floor-painting services to the next level. We work all over Melbourne. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or give us a call on 0416 983 746 or email us at blueskycoates@gmail.com.


Concrete Polishing

A process of grinding concrete until it is smooth, resulting in an impressively sleek, seamless terrazzo-stone aesthetic. Our concrete polishing has multiple benefits including durability, scratch-resistance, low-maintenance and straightforward maintenance.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are up-to-date using the latest techniques, highest-quality products and equipment to achieve optimum results. Blue Sky Coatings mechanically polishes the concrete to have the smoothest feel with a wide selection of finishing options for a soft matte, satin to a semi-gloss mirror finish look.


The process we follow:

We bring out the natural beauty of the hardwood floor with oil-based floor painting, we follow the 3-step process:

One: Cleaning
We clean the deck in eliminating the dirt and grime, it removes the possibility of scratching while staining is still under the process.

Two: Buffing
Buffing a wooden floor is a result of high-speed buffing that brings out the radiance of the stain to shine from the wooden decks and floors.

Three: Sealing
Our experts then apply sealers based on the floor type and its condition. Sealing of hardwood floors can be done after floor buffings, just ensure that the wooden floors are cleaned and are dried thoroughly before sealing it.


What to Expect From Blue Sky Coatings

We assist you in going through options that are made available for stains and polishes when you work with us. We can advise on the color stain, type of the stain, level of sheen, and whether they are environmentally-friendly or not. Our stain and varnish service covers indoor cabinetry, flooring, decks-patios, and wood furnishing.

You can trust our specialist to bring your wooden flooring back to life with a rich touch of class and lustre.

We work on both:

Interior Painting
Interior painting projects need our highly trained crews that require our highly trained teams to operate within the walls of your home without causing any interruption in daily lives.

Exterior Painting
The exterior appearance of the home comes as an opportunity to make a good impression of the house. Your outdoor painting job should enhance the overall appearance of your home. Our trained professional residential oil-based floor painters in Melbourne ensure that it is weather and climate-appropriate. We are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful exterior paint job that maintains its lustre and shines for years to come by.

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