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Paint Removal Melbourne

Best Paint remover Service in Melbourne

Blue Sky Coatings offers the best paint removal service in Melbourne. Through a combination of industry-leading techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we can effectively strip paint from any hard surface.

Want to remove corrosion-damaged paint from structural beams? Thinking about creating an exposed brick feature wall?

Blue Sky Coatings provides a range of paint removal services in Melbourne suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Specifically designed to strip off multiple layers at once, our wet-and-dry paint removal technology can remove any type of paint, making it an ideal solution for remediation and surface restoration projects.

paint removal melbourne

We can remove paint from almost any type of hard surface, including concrete, brick, steel and timber.

We also remove paint from:

Brick surfaces: Our expert team can remove paint from all types of brick surfaces, whether it’s a warehouse, residential home, or commercial facade. To avoid surface damage, we carefully monitor the blasting pressure according to the type of brick (be it burn-clay, sand-lime, concrete, or fly ash clay).
Commercial properties: Our Melbourne paint removal services can be used to expose the brickwork of commercial properties and increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the business.
Vehicles: Planning on restoring the paintwork of an older vehicle? We can help you remove the old paint and return the vehicle to bare metal.
Swimming pools: The chemicals used to clean and sanitise a swimming pool can impact a pool’s paint job. We can remove damaged paint and gel coatings, and help you prepare the surfaces of the pool for repainting.
Metal surfaces: We can remove paint from a wide range of metal surfaces, including stairwells, structural beams, doors and much more. Our abrasive blasting technology is capable of removing both paint and rust, allowing us to restore the original surface.
Floor & Walls: Our paint removal system allows us to effectively remove all types of paint from floors and walls without causing damage to the underlying surface.

– Strip Paint Off Wood:  Blue Sky Coating team is specialized in removing old coating like lead paint or any other failed coating, from any wood or masonry surface, also cleaning sandstone facades, boats furniture or other delicate objects or surface.

We also provide expert assistance with removing paint spills and painted line marks.

Best Paint Removal in Melbourne
Regardless of the type of paint removal service in Melbourne you require, Blue Sky Coatings has a solution for you. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice, competitive prices, and friendly service, and are always prepared to go the extra mile for our valued customers. Using the latest paint removal technologies, we deliver effective solutions for a variety of surfaces across a wide range of industries.

Lead paint removal
Lead paint removal should only be performed by an expert as there are serious health risks involved. The Blue Sky Coatings team has extensive experience in removing hazardous substances across a variety of industries, including marine, mining, and construction. Using lead encapsulation and hazardous waste disposal services, we can safely remove lead paint without compromising the health of nearby people.

Painted line mark removal
We offer a fast and simple solution for line mark removal with our abrasive blasting technology, which is capable of removing painted lines without causing damage to the original surface. We offer painted line mark removal for residential, commercial, civic and industrial clients.

Our technology
We utilize dustless blasting technology, an eco-friendly wet-and-dry abrasive blasting process that effectively removes paint while minimizing disruption to surrounding areas. This makes it the perfect solution for on-site paint removal projects.

Preparation for paint removal process

– Testing the paint strippers and analyzing how they react to various layers of paint.
– Sealing off doors, windows, and openings using the plastic sheeting, and working against chemical and water retention.
– Removing all electrical devices.
– Spraying to EPA standards.
– Restricting access to the area.

Method of application
– Applying the correct tipper through an airless system that allows the chemical reaction to occur. The details of this process vary depending on the size of the surface area covered, the type of paint used, the thickness of the paint and weather conditions.
– Sandpapering and removing the affected paint using our chemical remover (almost steam) and low pressure water.
– Adhering to EPA standards throughout the removal process.
– Maintaining a safe working environment when handling the corrosive paint strippers.
– Complying with safety standards at all times to ensure a successful project outcome.

Blue Sky Coatings is the provider of choice when it comes to paint removal, Commercial Painting Services or House painting services in Melbourne. Contact us today to discuss your project or obtain your free quote.

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