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Pre-Paint Inspection in Melbourne

We are Blue Sky Coatings, your one-stop destination for all your residential and commercial painting solutions. As experienced pre-paint inspection experts in Melbourne, we understand the importance of a well-done paint job.

When you hire the services of our pre-paint inspection specialists, they thoroughly assess your property to identify any irregularities or substandard/unfinished paintwork before the painters get started. This fixing stage/inspection stage is extremely essential, as it prepares the painters for what to expect and the preliminary work they need to do before the actual painting starts.

But what’s in it for you?

Painting your home or business establishment is one of the most effective ways to revamp the space. However, it is an expensive undertaking, so as the owner or property manager, you always strive to ensure your investment is worthwhile. And one way to do that is by opting for a thorough pre-paint inspection service.

At Blue Sky Coatings, we have extensive experience offering highly effective pre-paint inspections for Melbourne homes and businesses. So, when you opt for our pre-paint inspection services, our experts arrive at your location. Depending on the surfaces you wish to paint, they will perform a thorough fixing stage/inspection stage. Based on the assessment, they will provide a detailed report of the present conditions. Furthermore, our pre-paint inspection specialists will also suggest all the work that needs to get done before the painting starts so you get the best results.

So, connect with us for a hassle-free, prompt and efficient pre-paint inspection experience in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs.

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About Blue Sky Coatings Pre Paint Inspection Service

When it comes to painting your property, there are several things you must consider before the painters start working. The pre-paint inspection stage is crucial as it gives you a clear picture of the present condition of your home, building, or business establishment.

At Blue Sky Coatings, we have extensive experience offering pre-paint inspections for residential and commercial properties in and around Melbourne. And over the years, we have provided efficient pre-paint inspection services in Melbourne for all types and sizes of properties.

Do you want highly efficient and thorough fixing stage/inspection stage solutions for your space? Irrespective of whether you own a flat, an apartment building, an office space, a retail establishment, or a warehouse, we can help you assess it all.

When you decide to hire us for a pre-paint inspection for your residential or commercial property, here is what you can expect:

  • We work with trained and insured professionals with extensive experience offering pre-paint inspections for residential and commercial properties.
  • Our team adheres to the Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015 (the latest guide) for all our projects.
  • We have an extensive checklist of procedures (check below) that we follow to ensure we miss nothing during our inspections.
  • Expect prompt and efficient assessments and thorough, insightful reports that help you and your painter make the right decisions to achieve the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and schedule your appointment with one of our experts and get a quote for our services. Alternatively, you can browse our website to learn more about our other services.

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Process of Pre-Paint Inspection / Fixing Stage

At Blue Sky Coatings, we understand that a high-quality exterior painting job in Melbourne can transform the look and feel of your home. That’s why our team of experienced professionals provide the best external house painting services in Melbourne. The following is a glance of what you can expect when you work with us:

Our pre-paint inspection specialists have years of experience assessing all types and sizes of residential and commercial properties. And when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will do a thorough job and deliver highly insightful reports that help you make the right decisions and ensure that your painters are well aware of your property’s condition and provide solutions accordingly.

Listed below are the things we watch out for during the pre-paint inspection stage when you hire our services:

  • Ensure proper sealing around window openings in shower areas.
  • Verify that all doors are fitted to acceptable standards and functioning properly.
  • Confirm that windows are fitted to acceptable standards and functioning as intended.
  • Check skirting and architraves for proper installation and functionality.
  • Ensure single-leaf masonry is adequately weatherproofed.
  • Inspect the joinery elements for quality and functionality.
  • Verify the proper installation of ceiling and wall linings.
  • Check the garage doors for safety and functionality.
  • Assess the structural integrity of the pergola, deck, patio, verandah, carport, shed, etc., on your property, if any.
  • Ensure the use of safety glass where required.
  • Verify that smoke alarms are correctly installed and functional.
  • Ensure the presence and functionality of safety switches.
  • Assess the building’s vermin-proofing measures.
  • Check if the toilet door opens out or is easily removable for emergency situations.
  • Verify that step heights are within acceptable limits for safety.
  • Inspect balustrades for safety and compliance with standards.
  • Assess the quality and safety of landings in the building.
  • Check if ceiling heights meet the required standards.
  • Ensure the presence of termite notices as per regulations.

Are you planning to give your residential or commercial property a facelift and get it painted? If yes, consider opting for a thorough pre-paint inspection from our professionals.

Connect with us via call or email to learn more about the pre-paint inspection stage and get an obligation-free quote for our services now.

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